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The Charm of Japanese Studies Haiku research from a global perspective.

Kanna renku (Copyright 2002, Kyoto University Library)

My field of study is early modern Japanese literature with a focus on the haiku genre of poetry. The study of haiku is based on the accumulation of past research. For example, the discovery of new documents leads to additional bibliographic research that deepens our knowledge. Past research also includes the study of haiku theory. As a field of Japanese studies, haiku research is undertaken by scholars of diverse nationalities. By comparing haiku to other short forms of poetry around the world, researchers can gain an understanding of haiku from the wider perspective of global literature. Such research could lead to a new, previously overlooked perspective on haiku. This unconventional approach to the study of Japanese literature provides a meaningful new angle. Although haiku is a well-known subject of study within Japanese literature, it is granted an additional meaning when viewed from a global perspective. I believe that this is where the true charm of Japanese studies can be found.

Mariko Mori, MA
The International Center