2017 KU–UTokyo "Sosei-sen" games conclude (20 January 2018)

20 Feb 2018

      On 20 January, the closing ceremony for "Sosei-sen", a series of intercollegiate athletic competitions between Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo (UTokyo), took place in the Maskawa Hall of the North Comprehensive Education and Research Building.

      Competing over 41 games, KU teams were declared the overall winners for 2017 with 23 wins, 16 loses, and two ties.

      The 2017 Sosei-sen concluded with representatives from both universities cerebrating the good sportsmanship and friendships that permeated the games.

      Professor Kazuyuki Moriya, chairman of the KU Sports Union, delivering an address

      Mr Yuki Yamazaki, chairman of the 2017 Sosei-sen executive committee, delivering a speech

      2017 KU–UTokyo "Sosei-sen" games conclude (20 January 2018)
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