Uji campus recycling fair and international exchange event (8 November 2018)

08 Jan 2019

      On 8 November, the Uji Campus hosted the 13th recycling fair, inviting international researchers and students to pick up household items donated by its faculty and staff.

      The annual fair aims to support international researchers and students by offering items such as furniture, appliances, futon mats, clothes, tableware, toys, and children’s goods, making it a highly popular event with people from both single- and multi-person households.

      This year's fair featured around 850 items, all displayed in the Hybrid Space of Uji Obaku Plaza, and attracted a total of 95 researchers, students, and their family members.

      As in previous years, an exchange meeting took place next to the fair venue to promote interaction between participants, faculty, and staff. Visitors enjoyed amicable conversation over tea, and listened to greetings from representatives of Uji-based institutes: Director Yoshinobu Tsujii of the Institute for Chemical Research (ICR), Junior Associate Professor Arivazhagan Rajendran of the Institute of Advanced Energy (IAE), Deputy-Director Masato Shiotani of the Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere (RISH), and Director Hajime Nakagawa of the Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI).

      Afterwards, participants introduced themselves, and took part in a home appliance raffle, which caused a great deal of excitement.

      Every year, around 500 researchers and 150 students come from abroad to stay at the Uji Campus. Uji’s faculty and staff intend to continue supporting these people through welfare events and projects.

      Recycling fair



      Uji campus recycling fair and international exchange event (8 November 2018)
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