9th Tasogare Hanami Concert at Uji Obaku Plaza (6 April 2018)

11 May 2018

      On 6 April, the ninth Tasogare Hanami Concert — or the Twilight Cherry Blossom Viewing Concert — took place in Obaku Plaza's Kihada Hall on the Uji Campus. The event featured a quartet of Kansai-based string players and a local high school brass band.

      The concert is held annually as a service to the local community and to promote Obaku Plaza. The Campus and the city of Uji signed a cooperation agreement in 2014.

      Following opening remarks from Uji Mayor Tadashi Yamamoto, a string quartet comprised of violinists Ryohei Wakisaka and Rei Takagi, violist Akiko Okamoto, and cellist Mio Ohashi performed a series of spring-themed pieces. The musicians offered commentary between the captivating performances to make the music more immersive to the audience. Next, the Higashi Uji Junior High School brass band, invited as part of Kyoto University's community engagement activities, enthralled the audience with ensemble and full-band performances.

      Despite the rainy weather, attendance numbered around 250, many of whom expressed satisfaction and hope that the annual spring event will continue for years to come.

      Professor Yoshinobu Tsujii, director of the Institute for Chemical Research and organizer of Uji Campus events, greeting the audience

      Uji Mayor Yamamoto delivering opening remarks

      String quartet comprised of Mr Wakisaka, Ms Takagi, Ms Okamoto, and Ms Otsuki

      The Higashi Uji Junior High School brass band performing

      9th Tasogare Hanami Concert at Uji Obaku Plaza (6 April 2018)
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