8th Tasogare Hanami Concert at Uji Obaku Plaza (7 April 2017)

10 May 2017

      On 7 April, the eighth Tasogare Hanami Concert ("Twilight Cherry Blossom Viewing Concert") took place in Kihada Hall of Obaku Plaza on the Uji Campus. The concert featured flutist Tsutomu Hamamura, pianist Nami Maeyama, both of whom are Uji residents, and the Higashi Uji Junior High School brass band.

      The concert is an annual spring event held at Obaku Plaza as a means of promoting the venue and as a service to the local community.

      Mr Tadashi Yamamoto, mayor of Uji City, attended the concert and delivered remarks.

      In Part One, Mr Hamamura and Ms Maeyama performed a series of spring-themed tunes. They offered commentary between their performances, which made the music more accessible and inspiring for the audience.

      In Part Two, the Higashi Uji Junior High School brass band, who were invited as part of KU's community engagement activities, performed. They enthralled the audience with their music.

      Despite the rain, the concert attracted around 280 people, many of whom left comments expressing expectations for KU to keep holding this event for years to come.

      Professor Yasuaki Kishimoto, director of the Institute of Advanced Energy and organizer of Uji campus events

      Uji Mayor Yamamoto

      Performance by Ms Maeyama and Mr Hamamura

      Performance by the Higashi Uji Junior High School brass band

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