Hiroyuki Matsunami wins 2017 Honda Prize (25 September 2017)

10 Nov 2017

      Professor Matsunami

      On 25 September, the Honda Foundation announced that it is awarding the 2017 Honda Prize to Professor Emeritus Hiroyuki Matsunami, for his contributions in pioneering research on "silicon carbide (SiC) power devices" and their practical applications.

      Established in 1980, the Honda Prize annually honors individual or group accomplishments in the development of "ecotechnologies", which promote harmony between modern human society and the natural environment, and contribute to the "creation of a truly humane civilization". The Prize is in its 38th year.

      Professor Matsunami has pioneered research on using SiC to develop high-efficiency power devices, or semiconductor elements used for processes such as voltage boosting and dropping, and conversion between alternating and direct currents. Thanks to Matsunami's research, SiC power devices are now commercially available, helping to improve efficiency in modern-day technology. These devices can potentially help solve problems associated with the rapid increase in fossil-fuel consumption as well as in waste produced by power generation, both driven by a surge in global energy use.

      The award ceremony is set to take place 16 November 2017 at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

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      Hiroyuki Matsunami wins 2017 Honda Prize (25 September 2017)
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