Opening ceremony for 2017 Sosei-sen (24 June 2017)

18 Jul 2017

      On 24 June, the opening ceremony for the 2017 "Sosei-sen" ("battle of two blues"), a series of intercollegiate athletic competitions between Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo (UTokyo), took place in the Clock Tower Centennial Hall.

      Mr Yuki Yamazaki, the chair of the executive committee for the event, declared the games open, followed by addresses from KU President Juichi Yamagiwa, president of the Kyoto University Sports Union Professor Kazuyuki Moriya, and UTokyo Executive Vice President Yojiro Ishii.

      Following the pledge of fair play from captain of the KU softball club, Mr Shunsuke Terasaka, video footage on the teams and events was presented. The cheerleading teams from the two universities wrapped up the ceremony with their powerful, and occasionally humorous, performances.

      After the ceremony, a reception took place in the Kyoto University CO-OP cafeteria on the Yoshida South Campus, where attendees enjoyed socializing with each other in an amicable atmosphere.

      Cheerleading team's performance

      Opening ceremony for 2017 Sosei-sen (24 June 2017)
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