2013 Hanoi National University Summer School (September 8-22, 2013)

22 Sep 2013

      Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long during a study visit.

      As part of the 'Short-Term SEND Program'*, five students of Kyoto University participated in the summer school program at Hanoi National University (Foreign Language University, Human and Social Sciences University). During the 2 week visit, students took classes in Vietnamese and Vietnamese culture and also were involved in mutual study (group presentations) in Japanese and Japanese cultural studies with Vietnamese students. They also had practical study visits (to the old city and Bat Trang Arts and Crafts Villiage) and expanded their knowledge of Vietnamese culture.

      Through this 2 week stay, students were able to not only learn about Vietnamese culture but through studying Japanese and Japanese culture together they were able to see Japan from a different angle and 'rediscover'some things about their country. They hope to build on the experiences and understanding they gained about culture during this time, and also to deepen the ties of trust and friendship they formed with the Hanoi National University students.

      Student Report

      Hanoi National University Summer School Group Leader
      Takumi Arashiro, 2nd year student of the Faculty of Law Department

      The experiences I had during the program at Vietnam and the opportunities of cultural exchange with students of Hanoi National University were all very fresh and interesting for me.

      In regards to the Vietnamese language, for example, even when talking to another female, there is complicated change in the personal pronoun depending on her social rank and age. Through such things I could frequently get a glimpse of the concern shown towards other people in this culture.

      Also, students were extremely hungry for knowledge, and not only interested in learning about Japanese in general, but also had great interest in Kansai and Kyoto dialects. I learned a great deal from this attitude to study.

      Students of Hanoi National University were in charge of taking us for study tours, and we were also able to try making pottery at the crafts village. In that area, we were also able to buy pottery and key holders made of the famous Ao Dai national costume of Vietnam, and have the precious chance of experiencing the culture of Vietnam directly. Through this cultural exchange, I believe, the relationship between Kyoto University and Hanoi National University was able to become even deeper.

      Even now after returning home, the atmosphere of the cities of Vietnam, the flavor of foods and memories of the students I was able to meet come back to me clearly. This program, which enabled me to experience Vietnam from an angle that I would never be exposed to in Japan, was extremely worth-while and really fun. I would like to express my thanks to the many people connected to this program.

      At Hanoi National University (Human and Social Sciences University)

      At Hanoi National University (Foreign Language University)

      At Bat Trang Arts and Crafts Villiage

      Vietnamese and Vietnamese Culture Class

      * About the Short Term SEND (Student Exchange-Nippon Discovery) Program

      The SEND Program aims to develop and educate expert personnel who can bridge cultural and language divides between different regions across the globe, especially between Japan and ASEAN countries. Students involved in the program learn about the language and culture of the destination country while also engaging in Japanese language assistance and in introducing Japanese culture. The primary aims of such activities is to increase interest in Japan amongst foreign students while also developing Japanese people proud of their heritage who can launch themselves onto the global stage, and develop mutual trust for future generations.

      In 2013 we ran the program on the support of the 'Development of Globally Cooperative Human Resources Centered on the University Project for Strengthening World Development? Supporting the Formation of Inter-University Exchange with ASEAN Countries: Open ASEAN+6 and Re-Discovering Japan-SEND', and the JASSO Scholarship (Important Policy section).

      2013 Hanoi National University Summer School (September 8-22, 2013)
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