Kyoto University's 2013 Open Campus (August 7-8, 2013)

08 Aug 2013

      Kyoto University held its twelfth Open Campus day event. This year--under the theme of "Designing Your Best Plan for the Future: Kyoto University is Exciting and Flexible"--a variety of programs were offered to show the university's merits to high school students and parents who filled the campus.

      At the opening ceremony held at the Clock Tower Centennial Hall, Associate Professor Tsukasa Mihira (Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies), who is also chairman of the Open Campus Committee, served as the master of ceremonies. During the event, President Hiroshi Matsumoto gave a speech titled "To Those Who Aspire to Be a Kyoto University Student," which participants seemed to listen to with great attention. Later, the Kyoto University Cheering Party's dramatic cheering and musical performances followed as a regular part of the event, drawing applause from the participants. Then, under the title of "Messages from KU Students," two students from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Letters talked about their experiences with the entrance examination and their education at the university while participants listened with great interest.

      On the same day, introductory briefing sessions were held by different faculties. After a welcome speech by the faculty's dean, participants participated in trial classes, laboratory tours, and other facility tours.

      Many participants were also drawn to other concurrent programs, which included student-guided campus tours, consultation and reference service corners, a "Meet KU Students" corner, and a variety of lecture sessions. Numerous participants also participated in tours of the Kyoto University Library and Kyoto University Museum.

      Despite the very hot weather throughout the two days, the event drew more than 14,000 junior and senior high school students and parents, exposing them fully to the atmosphere and excitement at the university.

      These days, impressions left by open campus events considerably affect the choices of high school students when applying to universities. We hope this event provided a good opportunity for the participants to learn about and deepen their interest in Kyoto University.

      Participants walking toward the Clock Tower Centennial Hall

      Speech by President Matsumoto

      Dramatic performance by the Kyoto University Cheering Party

      Consultation corner

      The "Meet KU Students" corner

      Faculty briefing session

      Kyoto University's 2013 Open Campus (August 7-8, 2013)
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