Korea-Kyoto University Alumni Association's General Meeting (November 9, 2013)

09 Dec 2013

      The 27th Korea-Kyoto University Alumni Association's General Meeting was held at the International Hall in the Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall and attracted 40 attendees.

      The Korea-Kyoto University Alumni Association (KUKIJA) is made up of Koreans living in Japan, as well as undergraduates, post-graduates, current students, international students and teachers of Korean-heritage at this university. Apart from the yearly general meeting, it encourages exchange and communication between its members through their homepage (, which was set up 2 years ago. There is also a yearly newsletter which includes information about its members and other matters.

      This general meeting was chaired by Association Head Secretariat Kim Ki Un (Faculty of Law graduate, 2002), and began with a speech by Association President Bae Fun (Faculty of Economics graduate, 1977). Following this, Mr. Go Bak (Graduate School of Engineering, graduated 1972) who is active in Japan, Korea and China in equipment diagnosis through using higher harmonic waves, delivered a lecture called 'A path walked together with vision'. After this, Executive Vice-President Hidetoshi Kotera made a speech about the current situation of the university. The attendees listened intently.

      At the gathering that followed soon after this, Ritsumeikan University Uri Alumni Association President 申俊雨 and Doshisha University Korea Alumni Association President 崔龍漢 made a speech, followed by 曹昌淳 (Faculty of Agriculture, graduated 1967) who made a toast to begin proceedings. This gathering was a casual affair, and members were able to cultivate friendships with each-other. Current students, international students, graduates and others reported to the gathering about their recent situations and first-time participants received a memorial gift. One participant was a Russian international student of Korean heritage. The highly fruitful gathering was closed with a speech by Association Vice-President Lee Taehun.

      Association Head Secretariat Kim Ki Un

      Lecture by Mr.Go Bak

      University Director and Vice-President Kotera making a presentation

      Lecture and attendees

      Group photo

      Korea-Kyoto University Alumni Association's General Meeting (November 9, 2013)
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