Administration Bureau(by March 31, 2011)

  • Audit Office

Student Affairs Department

  • Student Affairs Division
  • Admissions Division

Education Promotion Department

  • Educational Planning Division
  • Promotion of General Education and Liberal Arts Division

Research and International Affairs Department

  • Research Promotion Division
  • Industry-Academia Collaboration Division
  • International Affairs Division
  • Foreign Student Division

General Affairs Department

  • General and Legal Affairs Division
  • Public Relations Division
  • Personnel Department
  • Office for Administrative Reform

University Planning Department

  • University Planning Division
  • University Outreach Division

Finance Department

Facilities and Environments Management Department

  • Facilities Planning Division
  • Facilities Maintenance Division
  • Facilities Utilization Division

Environment, Safety and Health Department

  • Environment, Safety and Health Division

Information Management and Communication Department

  • Computer Planning Division
  • IT Services Division


  • Student Center
  • Career Support Center
  • Support Center for Competitive Grants
  • International Service Office
  • Personnel Affairs and Benefit Administration Center
  • Accounting Center
  • Contract & Property Control Center
  • Multi-Purpose Facilities Asset Management Center
  • Facilities Support Center
  • Information System Management Center