Student Lounge 'KI-ZU-NA Zen and Tea Ceremony Experience at Toutou-sha. (March 25, 2014)

This month's KIZUNA event was held at Toutou-sha, a traditional wooden house and gathering-place for people interested in tea ceremony next to Daitokuji temple. First participants learned about Zen Buddhism from monk-in-training Paul Schumann before trying zazen (Zen meditation). Following this, Dairiku Amae of Toutou-sha provided us with an experience in tea ceremony. Lastly, participants walked around Daitokuji, one of the great Zen temple complexes of Japan and temple-home of tea ceremony. This event was a very good opportunity to learn more about Japanese traditional culture and to interact with other participants.

Participants eagerly listening to the explanation about Zazen

Participants concentrating on Zazen

The demonstration of the tea ceremony

Group picture