Student Lounge "KI-ZU-NA" Monthly Event 'Hand-made Eho-maki (Maki-Sushi) Cooking Class' (February 16, 2012)

In Japan, the bean throwing ceremony called 'setsubun' takes place every February. Therefore, as 'KI-ZU-NA's February event, we held 'Hand-made Eho-maki (Maki-Sushi) Cooking Class'. First, all participants experienced how to prepare 'sumeshi' (rice with 'sushi' vinegar). After that, they cooperated with each other and folded 'Futo-maki' (thick roll) putting their favorite fillings in, such as tuna, cucumber, thick omelet, lettuce and avocado. Finally, participants made several types of 'Eho-maki' (maki-sushi) and tasted them while interacting with each other in a homelike atmosphere.

This event was a good chance not only to learn about Japanese food culture, but also to make new friends.

Picture of participants paying attention eagerly to the explanation of how to make 'Eho-maki'

Participants making 'Eho-maki' by collaborating with each other

Participants showing their 'Eho-maki' happily

Group picture of participants