Graduate School of Engineering Holds Mazume Research Encouragement Prize Award Ceremony (August 12, 2011)

The Graduate School of Engineering held its Mazume Research Encouragement Prize award ceremony at the Clock Tower Centennial Hall.

The Mazume Research Encouragement Prize was established with a generous contribution from the bereaved family of the late Dr. Akira Mazume, who received his degree from the Graduate School of Engineering. The contribution, made according to his will, finances scholarships for the school’s students with the precious resource he had saved during his life as a salaried worker. The scholarship is awarded to those doctoral students who are prominent, both in terms of research achievements and character, and who wish to study in an advanced western country, while honoring them in order to provide encouragement and support, and paying the approximate necessary amount for travel and accommodation during overseas study. This year, fourteen students received the prize as the first awardees.

The award ceremony took place with the attendance of Dean Satoru Komori from the Graduate School of Engineering and other staff members, as well as the bereaved family who contributed the fund. “I hope the award of this prize will encourage you to actively broaden your international view and develop yourselves into individuals with the potential to be successful in the international arena,” said Dean Komori before handing out certificates to the awardees.

After the ceremony, a meeting with the awardees was held with the presence of the widow of the late Dr. Kenichi Fukui, who had friendly ties with the late Dr. Mazume. Participants had lively conversations about their hopes for studying abroad and future research activities at universities and institutions.

Award ceremony

Commemorative photo after the ceremony

Meeting with awardees