Important Notice for International Students and Researchers Regarding Temporary Departure from Japan and Re-entry

March 18, 2011
Foreign Student Division
Kyoto University

Students and researchers temporarily returning to their home countries at this time are advised that they must complete the following procedures prior their departure from Japan.

1. When leaving your apartment in Japan, please notify the landlord of your temporary absence, be sure to turn off all gas and electrical appliances and leave the apartment in a safe and secure condition.

2. If planning to leave and re-enter Japan, it is necessary to complete the procedures below and obtain a re-entry permit from the Japanese Immigration Bureau.

On Campus

  1. Obtain permission from your academic advisor
  2. Report your plans to your faculty/graduate school office
  3. Monbukagakusho Scholarship Students, Honors Scholarship Students and Japan-Korea Joint Scholarship Program Students must fill out the Overseas Travel Notification Forms at the office where they sign the scholarship ledger

At the Immigration Bureau

Students must obtain a “Re-entry Permit” from the Immigration Bureau before leaving Japan. Those without a re-entry permit will be required to return their Alien Registration Card at the port of departure. Since it may take over a month to complete the formalities for re-entry, such persons may not be able to return to Japan as planned.

The re-entry permit expires on the same day as the period of stay of the holder’s visa. Those who are planning to re-enter after their present period of stay has expired must first extend the period of stay, then apply for the re-entry permit.

【Items Required for the Application】

  1. Passport
  2. Alien Registration Card
  3. Application form for Re-entry Permit
  4. Processing fee (¥3,000 for single re-entry; ¥6,000 for multiple)

NOTE: Additional documents may be requested.

At the Port of Departure/Re-entry

Take your Alien Registration Card with you when leaving and re-entering Japan. Immigration officers will ask you to present your Alien Registration Card at the port of departure and re-entry.

Further information related to the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami is available on the following Kyoto University Website:

Confirmation of the safety of Kyoto University international students and researchers