Program-Specific Associate Professor, Non-Japanese candidate for International Course in charge of Group A subjects (Human and Social Sciences)

February 1, 2010

1. Job Title

Program-Specific Associate Professor (Only Non-Japanese candidate eligible)

2.Hiring Institution

Institute for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education
Department for the Promotion of Liberal Arts and General Education

3.Job description

Kyoto University invites applications for an associate professor position for the International Course of Undergraduate School of Global Engineering, Faculty of Engineering ("the Course") which is provided under Kyoto University Programs for Future International Leaders ("K.U.PROFILE").  
The job description for the position is as follows:

(1) Teaching students the Course Group A subjects (Human Sciences and Social Sciences) in English
(2) Planning and coordination of the Course Group A subjects for the Course
(3) Teaching international and Japanese students taking the Course KUINEP ("Kyoto University International Education Program") in English
(4) Planning and promotion of K.U.PROFILE activities
(5) Certain jobs to be assigned by the university management and classes and lectures to be assigned separately

K.U.PROFILE is Kyoto University's educational initiative under the Global 30 (G30) Project and aims to work toward these goals by gathering talented students and providing them with the education, research experience and global perspective. The Course will start in April 2011 and all lectures will be provided in English. The Course is a 4 year-program leading to a Bachelor degree of Engineering. In the Course students also study the Course Group A subjects which cover human sciences and social sciences. Applicants are expected to coordinate the Course Group A subjects of the Course and at the same time to give lectures in the Course Group A and the KUINEP course. KUINEP is a university-wide international exchange program. For further details of these programs, please refer to the web sites:

4. Subjects for own lectures and major areas of research

Applicants are expected to give lectures on subjects like "History of Japan" or "Japanese Culture" to help international students understand the Japanese culture as well as deepen cross cultural awareness. All classes should be conducted in English. The candidates are required to have strong research background for the academic field for those subjects.

5. Starting date

From 1 October 2010 as may be set earlier if agreed

6. Job term

Until 31 March 2011 (Contract may be renewed yearly until 31 March 2014)

7. Eligibility requirements

Non-Japanese candidates who have either Ph.D. degree or outstanding research records in major academic field are eligible.

8. List of documents to be submitted

Candidates are requested to submit the following documents.
(One copy for each item. All the documents should be written in Japanese except for (2) and (5).)

(1) Curriculum vitae.
(2) Summary of educational experience and vision for education
( 1200 English words which includes classes and educational promotion activities that the candidate has carried out.)
(3) Academic publication list
(The list should be categorized by "published books" and "academic papers" separately.)
(4) Summary of research experience and vision for research ( 2000 Japanese characters)
(5) Major academic publications (within 5 pieces, either photo copies or separate prints acceptable, at least one piece written in English should be included)
(6) Any related materials
(7) Names and contacts of two references

9. Deadline

26 February (Fri.) 2010

10. Mail to

Yoshida Nihon Matsu-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, 606-8501
Professor Jun Yoshida, Institute for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education
Kyoto University
Please write down "K.U.PROFILE application for associate professor for Group A subjects" in red on the surface of the envelope.
The university will not return in principle your application documents.

11. Inquiry to

Department for the Promotion of Liberal Arts and General Education
Group General Affairs
Tel: 081-75-753-9343
E-mail: (Please replace the % with @.)

12. Equal Opportunity

Kyoto University promotes equal opportunity in gender and will strongly encourage applications from female candidates of research and educational background.

13. Others

As a part of the selection process, the candidate may be invited for interview on educations (trial lessons included) and research at the university. However candidate's traffic expenses shall not be paid by the university.