Central Administration through FY2013

General Affairs Department

  • General Affairs Division
  • University Planning Division
  • Office for Administrative Reforms
  • Risk-Management Division
  • Personnel Division

External Affairs Department

  • External Affairs Planning Division
  • Public Relations Division

Department of Financial Affairs

  • Financial Affairs Division
  • Management Division
  • Accounts Division
  • Property and Assets Division

Facilities Department

  • Planning Division
  • Environment, Safety and Health Division
  • Maintenance Division
  • Management Division

Information Management Department

  • Information Promotion Division
  • IT Services Division

Academic Affairs Department

  • Student Affairs Division
  • Students Scholarship and Welfare Division
  • Educational Planning Division
  • General Education Promotion Division
  • Entrance Examination Planning Division

Research and International Affairs Department

  • Research Promotion Division
  • Society-Academia Collaboration Division
  • International Affairs Division
  • International Student Mobility Division
  • Audit Office