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2017 Spring


Backstage at the lab
Kyoto into Africa
Personnel Profiles
The genetics of wildlife breeding and conservation
Cutting edge
Smiling baby monkeys and the roots of laughter
Homosexual termite regicide
Is it your second cousin? Cotton swabs may tell you
Drinking green tea to prevent artery explosion
Great apes can “read minds”
Mt Aso could erupt much sooner, scientists warn
Aging bonobos in the wild could use reading glasses too
A big nano boost for solar cells
Proteins at the movies
The sea roils and life returns
Safety in darkness
International activities
Student voices
Global outreach
Eternal aesthetic

2016 Autumn


03 from the President

On the cover: Backstage at the lab
Reading beyond time and across disciplines
Personnel Profiles
Working in CiRA labs

11 News from overseas centers

12 Cutting edge

The search for happiness: using MRI to find where happiness happens
Fish oil helps burn fat by transforming fat-storage cells into fat-burning cells
"Seeing" black holes with home-use telescopes
To hear a pit ter patter from afar: catching hear tbeats with milimeter-wave radar
Genetically modified E.coli pump out morphine precursor
"Popular girls" have less lice . in the monkey world
Australopithecus fossils found east of the Great Rif t Valley
'Slow' NZ seabed quake sheds light on tsunami-earthquake mechanism
Cancer cell immunity in the crosshairs: wor th the expense?
Flipping a protein switch to illuminate brain functions
"Big mama" bonobos help younger females stand up for themselves
Did the LIGO gravitational waves originate from primordial black holes?

18 International activities

20 Student voices

22 Global outreach

23 Eternal aesthetic