Kyoto University Web Cams

With Kyoto University Web Cameras, you can view live video streams from cameras set up at the university's facilities around the country.

* Please read the notes "To use a webcam" before use.

Web Cam List

Kyoto Yoshida Campus
Katsura Campus
Uji Campus
Tokyo ・ Tokyo Office
Gifu ・ Hida Observatory
〔Observatory, Graduate school of Science〕
Aichi ・ Primate Research Institute
Osaka ・ Research Reactor Institute
Wakayama Shirahama Aquarium
〔Field Science Education and Research Center〕
Kagoshima Sakurajima Volcanological Observatory(No.1 (Main Bldg.))
Sakurajima Volcanological Observatory(No.2 (Kurokami Bldg.))
〔Disaster Prevention Research Institute〕

Yoshida Campus
* installed at the University Head Office Bldg.
Katsura Campus (Graduate School of Engineering)
* installed at the Administration Bldg., B Cluster
Uji Campus
* installed at the E-Wing, Main Bldg.
Tokyo Office
* installed at the SHINAGAWA INTERCITY
Hida Observatory
(Observatory, Graduate school of Science)
* installed at the Research Bldg.
Primate Research Institute
* installed at the Research Bldg.
Research Reactor Institute
* installed at the Research Bldg.
Shirahama Aquarium
(Field Science Education and Research Center)
* installed at the Fish tank No.4
Sakurajima Volcanological Observatory No.1
* installed at the Main Bldg.
Sakurajima Volcanological Observatory No.2
* installed at the Kurokami Bldg.

To use a webcam

- Click on the blue "View the Web Cam" button for the site you wish to view. The Control/View page for that camera appears. (The page is in Japanese only.)

- Click on the "+" button (or a web camera icon for Yoshida campus only) near the bottom right corner of the webcam box on the Control/View page, then you can control the camera for 20 seconds. You may need to wait for some time if someone else is already using the camera.

- Please note that the visibility and zooming functions may be limited on certain web cameras for privacy reasons.

Viewing environment

To view a live webcam image, Java VM must be installed on your computer. If the camera page does not show the image properly or operates erratically, try downloading the latest version of Java from the Sun Microsystems site below:

Some functions, such as Preset, may be unavailable in Windows 7 or Internet Explorer 8. We are currently fixing the problem, so we ask that you please wait.

Please note that the operation may be slow depending on network conditions or due to heavy traffic.