What is KUINEP?

KUINEP Academic Calendar

Fall Semester: October 1 to March 31
Spring Semester: April 1 to September 30

Note: KUINEP is, in principle, a one-year program. However, single semester enrollment is possible.


An applicant must

  1. be enrolled, until his/her completion of KUINEP, as an undergraduate student at a non-Japanese academic institution with which Kyoto University has a student exchange agreement.
  2. terminate studying at Kyoto University and return to her/his country on the completion of KUINEP.
  3. have excellent academic and personal records.
  4. have a concrete purpose for studying in Japan.

Language of Instruction

As all KUINEP lectures are given in the English language, KUINEP students must be proficient in English. Japanese language proficiency is not required, however it is preferable to acquire a basic knowledge of Japanese in order to ensure their smooth transition to life in Japan.

Student Status

Each KUINEP student will be affiliated, as a special auditor, to one of the nine faculties at Kyoto University according to their areas of interest.

<List of faculties at Kyoto University to which KUINEP students could be affiliated> 


Based on the student exchange agreement, students will be exempted from all academic fees (examination fee, matriculation fee, and tuition) at Kyoto University.


A limited number of scholarships is available through Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). JASSO is a government-sponsored non-profit organization dedicated to promoting international student exchange. Each applicant for Kyoto University exchange programs can apply for JASSO Scholarship for Short-Term Study in Japan, however those who 1) will receive any other financial support of more than 80,000 yen per month or 2) will not stay in Japan with "College Student Visa Status" are not eligible for it.
For Example, those who have Nationality or Permanent Residency of Japan are come under 2).

JASSO Scholarship for Short-Term Study in Japan contains the following item:

  • A monthly stipend of 80,000 yen

Entering Japan

There are certain formalities which must be observed by foreign students intending to pursue studies in Japanese universities. Students must possess a valid passport issued by their home country. They are, in principle, also required to have a "College Student Visa Status" to enter Japan. Kyoto University will submit applications for the KUINEP students' "Certificate of Eligibility" to the Kyoto Immigration Bureau for processing. Students, on receiving their "Certificate of Eligibility," should apply at the nearest Japanese diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) in their country for a "College Student Visa Status". Further details will be instructed after the official admission. Students with Japanese Nationality can also join KUINEP.

Comprehensive Health Insurance

The Japanese law specifies that students staying in Japan must join the Japanese National Health Insurance Program, which costs around 2,000 yen per month. Many students additionally enroll in insurance policies from their countries to be safer, since the coverage and regulations are different.