What classes are designed for KUINEP?

KUINEP Core Subjects

KUINEP core subjects cover diverse subjects such as life science, environmental studies, physics, economics, politics, social studies, etc. Some courses are designed to offer a fresh perspective to the study of Japan while others address topical global problems. Some courses are team-taught by a group of experts. Each course carries two university credits when a student completes it.

KUINEP students are required to take at least six classes each semester, of which two (or more) has to be from the KUINEP core subjects listed below. KUINEP students are able to choose English courses from the "Liberal Arts and Science" catalog. Those who have appropriate Japanese language proficiency can take regular class at undergraduate level given in Japanese at their faculty with the lecturer's permission each semester.

2014 Spring Semester (April 2014-September 2014)

  1. Development Economics II (single lecturer)
  2. Modern Physics (single lecturer) 
  3. Exercise and Medical Science for Prevention of Lifestyle-related Disease (single lecturer) 
  4. Social Science Research Methods in Education II (single lecturer)
  5. Entrepreneurship (single lecturer)
  6. Global Business Strategy(single lecturer)
  7. Southeast Asian Comparative Political-Economy (multiple lecturers)
  8. Universities and University Students in Today's Japan (single lecturer)
  9. Building a Sustainable Future:Principles and Challenges (multiple lecturers)
  10. Energy and Resources II (multiple lecturers)

2014 Fall Semester (October 2014-March 2015)

  1. Development Economics I (single lecturer)
  2. Applied Statistics (single lecturer)
  3. Agriculture and Foods in Japan (multiple lecturers)
  4. Innovation and Industry (multiple lecturers)
  5. Global Marketing (single lecturer)
  6. Understanding Education, Human Lives and Cultures from philosophical and Sociological Perspectives (multiple lecturers)
  7. Self-Formation in Adolescence (single lecturer)
  8. Introduction to Classical Japanese Literature (single lecturer)
  9. The World Open Education (single lecturer)
  10. Energy and Resources I (multiple lecturers)
  11. Social Science Research Methods in Education I (single lecturer)

KUINEP Syllabus Spring 2014 semester
KUINEP syllabus Fall 2014 semester

Japanese Language Courses

The International Center also offers Japanese Language Courses which are divided into three different levels (elementary, intermediate, and advanced). Students will be required to take a placement test at the beginning of each semester to determine their level of Japanese language proficiency. KUINEP students can take maximum of 7 sessions, each of them deserves one official credit, per week each semester. Evaluations for Japanese Language Courses will be included in official transcript Kyoto University issue at the end of each semester. Students will be evaluated on the basis of attendance, participation in the classes, and the results of examinations.

Japanese Language Classes for University Students/Researchers