Education/Research Organization


Kyoto University has ten faculties, all of which offer undergraduate degrees.

Faculties Departments
Integrated Human Studies Integrated Human Studies
Letters Letters
Education Educational Sciences
Economics Economics and Management
Science Science
Medicine Medical Science (6-year program)
Human Health Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmacy (6-year program)
Engineering Global Engineering, Architecture, Engineering Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Informatics and Mathematical Science, Industrial Chemistry
Agriculture Bioresource Science, Applied Life Sciences, Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, Food and Environmental Economics, Forest and Biomaterials Science, Food Science and Biotechnology

Graduate Schools

Kyoto University has eighteen graduate schools.

Graduate Schools Degree Programs Courses
Letters Master's & Doctoral Literature, Philosophy, History, Behavioral Studies, Contemporary Culture
Education Master's & Doctoral Educational Studies, Clinical Studies of Education
Law Master's & Doctoral Legal and Political Studies
Professional Law School
Economics Master's & Doctoral Economics
Science Master's & Doctoral Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Chemistry, Biological Sciences
Medicine 4-year Doctoral Medicine
Master's & Doctoral Medical Science
Professional & Doctoral Public Health
Master's & Doctoral Human Health Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences 4-year doctoral Biomedical Sciences
Master's & Doctoral Pharmaceutical Sciences
Master's & Doctoral Bioinformatics and Chemical Genomics
Engineering Master's & Doctoral Civil and Earth Resources Engineering, Urban Management, Environmental Engineering, Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Science, Micro Engineering, Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nuclear Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Science and Engineering, Material Chemistry, Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Molecular Engineering, Polymer Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, Chemical Engineering
Agriculture Master's & Doctoral Agronomy and Horticultural Science, Forest and Biomaterials Science, Applied Life Sciences, Applied Biosciences, Environmental Science and Technology, Natural Resource Economics, Food Science and Biotechnology
Human and Environmental Studies Master's & Doctoral The Department of Human Coexistence, the Department of Cultural Coexistence, the Department of Interdisciplinary Environment
Energy Science Master's & Doctoral Socio-Environmental Energy Science, Fundamental Energy Science, Energy Conversion Science, Energy Science and Technology
Asian and African Area Studies 5-year Doctoral Southeast Asian Area Studies, African Area Studies, Global Area Studies
Informatics Master's & Doctoral Intelligence Science and Technology, Social Informatics, Applied Analysis and Complex Dynamical Systems, Applied Mathematics and Physics, Systems Science, Communications and Computer Engineering
Biostudies Master's & Doctoral Integrated Life Science, Systemic Life Science
Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability 5-year Doctoral Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability
Global Environmental Studies Doctoral Global Environmental Studies
Master's & Doctoral Environmental Management
Government Professional Public Policy
Management Professional Business Administration