Living Expenses

Living Expenses

Although the cost of living varies depending on factors such as housing expenditure and food budget, the average living expenses for international students in the Kyoto and Osaka area are \134,000 per month, according to the "Student Guide to Japan 2013-2014" published by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) (External Link).


Kyoto University has five International Houses, which provide accommodation for international students and researchers. However, the number of rooms available and length of tenancy of the Houses is limited. International students are also eligible to apply for accommodation in public housing and Kyoto University's Student Dormitories (open to domestic and international students). Many international students choose to live in private housing such as private apartments.

Kyoto University International Houses

Kyoto University's five accommodation facilities for international students and researchers, known as the Kyoto University International Houses, are located at Shugakuin, Yoshida, Uji, Ohbaku and Misasagi. The move-in periods for the Houses are April and October. International students who will be enrolled at Kyoto University within less than a year of their arrival in Japan are eligible to apply. The application periods are January and July (three months prior to move-in). The tenancy period is either one year or six months (no-extendable in either case).
To apply, please contact your faculty/graduate school office.

Rents vary according to location and room type.
(example for Ohbaku International House)
The charges of water , bedding and internet access are included.

  • Single room: Rent 11,000JPY per month
  • married couple's room: Rent 18,900JPY per month
  • Family room: Rent from 24,000JPY and up per month

For further details on Kyoto University International Houses, please visit the website of Kyoto University International Service Office (External Link).


To find an apartment, international students are advised to go to the Kyoto University CO-OP or real estate agencies after their arrival in Japan.


Rents vary according to factors such as location, room size, and facilities. The following is a typical example for ordinary apartments in Kyoto. In general, rooms are not furnished.

  • Single room with shared kitchen and toilet:
    \25,000 - \30,000 per month
  • Single room with private kitchen, toilet and bath:
    From \45,000 and up per month

In addition to rent, it is customary in Japan to pay other fees such as a key money, a deposit and an introduction fee. This can amount to an up-front payment of several months' rent when signing a lease. You will also need a suitable person to act as your guarantor.

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