Student exchange programs


Two student exchange programs are available at Kyoto University. Both accept students from institutions with a university-level exchange agreement with Kyoto University to study for a semester (6 months) or two (12 months) at Kyoto. Application guides for both programs are sent out to partner institutions in July and December.

Applications should be submitted to Kyoto University through the home institution's international office; direct applications from students will not be accepted. The application deadline is February for October enrollment, and September for enrollment in April of the following year.

1. Kyoto University International Education Program (KUINEP)

KUINEP offers undergraduate-level lectures in English to mixed classes, composed of students from both Kyoto University and its partner institutions.

KUINEP students are required to take a minimum of six courses per semester. It is recommended that they select mainly from among the more than 200 offered in English by the University's Institute for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS). English-taught courses are also available from other Faculties.

Each course usually comprises two hours of lecture time per week (two credits per course).

2. Kyoto University General Exchange Program

In this program, students take regular courses -- taught mostly in Japanese -- at the Faculties or Graduate Schools with which they are affiliated.

Graduate students, however, may choose to work on research projects under academic supervisors, instead of taking courses. Japanese language proficiency is not required if the supervisor agrees to use another language for instruction.

All undergraduate students, on the other hand, must take regular courses at their Faculties, and are therefore required to have a high level of Japanese language skills.

Japanese language classes

Participants in both programs may take, free of charge, the Japanese language classes offered by ILAS' Education Center for Japanese Language and Culture.

One-day pottery class

One-day excursion to Nara


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