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Outline of Exchange Programs at Kyoto University

There are two types of exchange programs for students whose institutions have a university-level student exchange agreement with Kyoto University. Both programs accept students for a semester (6 months) or for two semesters (12 months). In every beginning of January, Kyoto University sends the application guide for both programs to all partner universities. Application should be submitted to Kyoto University through the international office of home institution. Direct application from students will not be accepted. Application deadline is September to start in April of the following year and February to start in October in the same year.

  1. Kyoto University International Education Program (KUINEP)
    The Kyoto University International Education Program (KUINEP) provides undergraduate-level lectures in English to mixed classes composed of exchange students from our partner universities and domestic Kyoto University students. In principle, the minimum number of courses required for KUINEP students is six courses per semester. They are required to choose at least two courses from KUINEP core subjects, and additional courses from regular courses in a relevant faculty or the Liberal Arts and General Education (LAGE) category. Each course comprises two hours of lecture time per week (two credits per courses).

    What is KUINEP?
    What classes are designed for KUINEP?
    Academic Calendar of KUINEP
    List of University-Level Student Exchange Agreement Partner Universities
  2. Kyoto University General Exchange Program
    This is the program in which students take ordinary courses which are taught in Japanese in undergraduate faculties or in graduate schools each student is affiliated. However, graduate students are allowed to deepen their own research under the instruction by academic supervisors without taking any courses lectured in classrooms. Japanese proficiency is not required if supervisor can guide the student by any other language. As for undergraduate level of this program, all students are to take regular classes in their faculty which are given in Japanese. Therefore undergraduate students in this Program must have sufficient Japanese language proficiency.

    What is Kyoto Univ. General Exchange Program?
    List of University-Level Student Exchange Agreement Partner Universities
    Japanese Language Education (External Link)

Japanese Language Study

In both exchange programs, it is also possible to take Japanese language classes offered by the International Center (External Link), Kyoto University with tuition exemption. Evaluation of those classes will be included in the official transcript.

Japanese language classes provided by the International Center are supplemental and non-credited for international students other than exchange students (special auditor) from partner universities.

One-day Pottery Class

One-day Excursion to NARA

Contact Address for Exchange Programs

International Education and Student Mobility Division, Kyoto University
Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku,
Kyoto 606-8501, JAPAN
Fax: +81-75-753-2562
E-mail: ryuga-exchange* (Please replace the * with @.)