Main/West Campus

1 Main Gate/Information Center B2
2 Cafe-Restaurant "Camphora" B2
3 Clock Tower Centennial Hall
Historical Exhibition Room
Restaurant "La Tour"
Tully's Coffe(Cafe)
4 Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics Main Bldg. B2
5 Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics East Bldg. B1
6 Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics North Bldg. B1
7 Faculty of Arts Bldg. B1
8 Faculty of Letters Main Bldg. B1
11 Kyoto University Infirmary A2
13 Student Lounge 'KI-ZU-NA' A2
14 University Head Office A2
15 International Seminar House A2
16 Former Main Building of the Petrochemistry Course
Academic Affairs Department
Foreign Student Division, Research and International Affairs Department
International Center
General Student Support Center
Counseling Office
Career Support Office
Disability Support Office
Consultation Office on Health and Sports
Kyoto University Health Service
17 Institute of Economic Research Main Bldg. A2
18 University Library (Central Library) A2
19 Institute of Economic Research North Bldg. A2
20 Sonjo-do A2
21 Faculty of Education Main Bldg. A1
22 The Kyoto University Museum A1
23 Faculty of Letters Exhibition Hall A1
31 Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) Research Bldg. A1
32 Research Bldg. No.1/Project Lab. A1
33 Research Bldg. No.1 Annex A1
34 Research Bldg. No.2
Research Administration Office
Environment Preservation Research Center
Center for Cultural Heritage Studies
35 Research Bldg. No.3 B1
36 Research Bldg. No.2 Annex B1
37 Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Historic Bldg. B1
38 Institute for Research in Humanities Main Bldg. / Research Bldg. No.4 B1
39 Faculty of Engineering Department of Architecture Historic Bldg. C1
40 Research Bldg. No.5
Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
Research Center for Low Temperature and Materials Sciences
41 Dr. Ban Commemorative Laboratory C1
42 Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies (North Bldg.) C1
51 Cooperative Store Head Office B2
52 Research Bldg. No.11 C2
53 Faculty of Engineering Integrated Research Bldg. B2
54 Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.2 C2
55 Faculty of Engineering Radioisotope Research Laboratory C2
56 Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.6 B2
57 Faculty of Engineering Engineering Science Depts Bldg. C2
58 Faculty of Engineering Research Laboratory C2
59 Research Bldg. No.8
Graduate School of Informatics
Graduate School of Energy Science
Central Cafeteria
60 Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.1 C2
61 Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation C2
62 Faculty of Letters East Bldg.
The Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research (C-PIER)
63 Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.3
Faculty of Engineering Administrative Office
64 Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.3-A C1
65 Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.3-B C1
66 Research Bldg. No.6 C1
67 Faculty of Engineering Bldg. No.3 (Lecture Hall) C1
68 Research Bldg. No.7 C1
75 Sports Gymnasium A1
76 Yoshida Izumidono A1
77 Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) Main Bldg. A2
78 Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS) West Bldg.
Hakubi Center for Advanced Research
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