Research Reactor Institute (KURRI)

The Research Reactor Institute was established as a nationwide joint research center open to public research institutes. The main installation is a light-water-moderated tank-type nuclear research reactor, and the institute is also equipped with an electron linear accelerator, a 60Co gamma-ray irradiation facility and a critical assembly reactor.
 There are three research departments and two affiliated centers on the premises, which undertake research in the fields of nuclear science and engineering, material science, radiation life science and radiation medical science. Our numerous experimental facilities are utilized by a wide spectrum of academic and public research institutions, with many students and scientists visiting the institute on a daily basis.
 The research laboratories offer research courses at the Kyoto University Graduate Schools of Science, Engineering, Energy Science, Medicine, and Agriculture.

Asashiro-nishi, Kumatori-cho, Sennan-gun,
Osaka 590-0494